Beeman R9 / HW95 – An Uber-Accurate Springer!

The Beeman R9 (aka Weihrauch HW95) is considered by many to be one of, if not the most accurate spring-piston air rifle you can get for under $500. And although we can’t confirm that claim, we’d be hard-pressed to disprove it too! In any case, there is no denying that this is a world-class, elite springer that should be considered by anyone looking to maximize quality and precision for their dollar.

However, what else should you know about this legendary breakbarrel? And is it really worth the stiff price tag?  Please read along as we take a closer look at the Beeman R9 so you can decide if it’s the right airgun for your budget and needs.

Key Features & Specifications

Power / Muzzle Energy

The Beeman R9 is available in three popular calibers (.177, .20 and .22) and has plenty of guts in each. Now, we are not talking about Ruger Air Magnum-type power, but, sufficed to say, you will not be disappointed by the punch delivered by this rifle. Specifically The R9 produces about 14 foot-pounds of muzzle energy (“FPE”) in the .177 and just over 17 FPE in the .22 by our estimates. This is more than sufficient for everything from plinking to field target shooting to small game hunting/pest elimination, with the .20 and .22 calibers being better suited to knocking down furred game/pests.

And while the R9 packs plenty of power, it is definitely one of the more smoother-cocking air rifles, and most users are likely to be pleasantly surprised at the moderate effort needed to do so.

Trigger Quality

The R9 is equipped with the legendary 2-stage adjustable Rekford trigger, which is notable for its very light first stage and crisp second stage that is devoid of annoying “creep.” It’s rated at just 2.1 pounds of pull. This is hands-down one of the best production triggers ever made, and if you’ve never enjoyed a trigger of this quality, you are in for a very pleasant surprise. In short, you will fall in love with this trigger!

The Beeman R9 Weihrauch HW95 comes in a beatiful, dark hardwood stock with fine checkering.Fit & Finish

The extreme care and attention to detail used throughout the manufacturing process becomes evident the moment you pick it up. This rifle is clad in a gorgeous and richly-stained hardwood ambidextrous stock with fine checkering on the grip, and the bluing on the metal is deep and gives this weapon a luster that smacks of high-end German engineering. In addition, the high level of precision of the fittings and small/moving parts is outstanding, and is just something that you don’t see in most affordable air rifles. A truly beautiful and solid piece of crafstmanship that you will not get tired of admiring.

Beyond its sultry good looks and superior construction, this is a very comfortable rifle to use.  And at 43 inches in overall length and roughly 7.5 pounds in total weight, the R9 is balanced to perfection – something you will grow to appreciate even more after you get the hang of holding this particular springer.


More than any other, the thing that sets the Beeman R9 apart from most springers south of $500 is accuracy – we are talking about stacking pellets-type accuracy! Remember that this model does not come with open sights, so you will need to purchase or use your own 11mm dovetail-compatible air rifle scope. And assuming you do the right thing and get a quality scope that is fitting for an instrument with this level of precision, the groups that you can achieve with the R9 will simply blow you away.

Yes, we often characterize many air rifles as “accurate,” and the truth is that most modern pellet rifles (coupled with decent optics) as a whole really are. But the R9 is on another level altogether. What are we talking about? How about sub-quarter inch groups at 20 yards? Folks, this rifle has hole-in-one accuracy for most types of shooting at close ranges, and with some practice with your hold and scope configuration, you can consistently make “Hail Mary” shots out to 50 yards that will amaze you (and any unlucky quarry if using this rifle for hunting). Simply stated, if you have a problem with repeatably achieving dime-sized groups – it’s your fault!

Price and Value

At its current price, which is at the moment hovering around $470 shipped, we think the R9 is one of the best-value, elite spring rifles you can buy. No, you are not paying for flashy things like monster muzzle energy or gimmicky silencer add-ons. Rather, what you get in the Beeman R9 is a true laser-beam of an air rifle, that is just made better and delivers more accurate shots than many air rifles that cost hundreds more. Moreover, this precision firearm should last a lifetime with only minimal attention.

Recommended Uses/Calibers

There are no real restrictions with the R9, which can do just about anything. If competitive target shooting or long-distance plinking is your thing, you will definitely want to take advantage of the flatter trajectory of the .177. This is also the caliber of choice if you are looking to hunt primarily small, passerine birds (heaven help them!). If, on the other hand, you anticipate using this rifle for more typical small game hunting, definitely go for either the .20 or .22. caliber version. As between the two, both are excellent, but we usually recommend going with the .22 absent some strong user preference, simply because .22 ammo is cheaper and there are more choices.

Concluding Thoughts & Impressions

While the Beeman R9 may (understandably) not be within everyone’s budget, it really is one of the most accurate and best-built spring-piston air rifles south of $500. Indeed, in terms of precise shooting, there really is no limitation with the R9, beyond the technique of the shooter and the quality of the scope used. This is a rare thing these days, when prices are often dictated more often by things like super-sonic velocity, ever-increasing power and cosmetic gimmicks that simply do not help shot placement.

The R9 is the antithesis of flash and hype – it is an air rifle that simply does what an air rifle is supposed to, albeit much better than most!

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  1. Joe Bost says:

    I bought an R9 in .177 cal. in April of 2015. Since then I’ve put over 6000 pellets through the rifle. After trying around 10 different pellets, I found the Beeman Kodiak Match at 10.65 grains the most accurate in MY gun. I shoot off a tripod while sitting. I sit above a small stream and shoot out to 40-60 yards most of the time. Quite frankly, shots at 15-40 yards are pretty boring. I’m 72 years old and have been shooting firearms all my life. I own over 20 “powder burners” and shoot them regularly at my local gun club. But, I just wanted to post that I LOVE to shoot my R9. It is extremely accurate! Many days I surprise myself at hitting inch size targets out to 60 yards. Of course, shooting 6000 times over the past 18 months I SHOULD be able to hit something! I use a Vortex Diamondback 4-12x40AO scope. I certainly agree with most airgun lovers that the R9 is hard to beat!!!!!! I’ve got mine, Hillary….he,he. Joe in Lenoir,NC

  2. James Nolan says:

    After a long look at Spring Piston Air Rifles I finally settled on the twin sister of the R9, the Weihrauch HW-95. I believe these are the same rifle made in the same plant? I settled for this rifle based on a combination of factors. First, I needed to target practice in my back yard, thus noise level was very important. It is much quieter than my GAMO, and doesn’t have that twang.. Second I needed something I could carry in the swampy, thick woodlands of the southeast U.S. The much acclaimed HW97 was simply to heavy for that. While I only have a hundred or so rounds thru it so far I am very pleased, Groups keep getting smaller with many edging the same hole at my limited 15 yard range in my back yard. Cant wait to hunt with this rifle..

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