Benjamin Discovery .22 Review

The Benjamin Discovery .22 caliber air rifle has set a new bar in the industry, and may well be the hottest, affordable PCP air rifle on the market right now in terms of combining great long-range power, accuracy and unusual value. This PCP air rifle will be probably be the one to convert many die-hard springer owners into fans of PCP. It’s really that amazing.

Let’s take a closer look at the Benjamin Discovery so you can see exactly what all the fuss is about.

Benjamin Discovery .22 Specifications and Key Features

Power – Lots of Power

This is a dual fuel PCP air rifle that can accept CO2 cartridges (for indoor shooting/plinking) or be charged up to 2,000 PSI with a scuba tank or hand pump (which is often sold together with this model). Fully charged, this rifle can send a 14.3 grain, .22 caliber pellet up to 900 feet per second. This works out to approximately 26 FPE at the barrel!

With this kind of velocity and power in a .22, the Benjamin Discovery makes an outstanding hunting rifle that can hold a relatively flat trajectory at long ranges, and still have absurd power left at the end of those shots to take down all sorts of small game and even larger pest species. This is much more power than your average springer, even very good ones. And best of all, it comes without the recoil of a springer, which greatly improves the Disco’s accuracy. Likewise, you don’t need to be a muscular shooter to cock this rifle, as you would if it were are spring-piston model. You may spend a bit of time pumping it up, but just about anyone can do it, making it perfect for male, female and younger shooters.

Laser-Like Accuracy

Beyond bone-rattling power, the next most impressive thing about the Benjamin Discovery is just how accurate it is. It’s deadly accurate out of the box, but if you couple this rifle with a good air rifle scope (it has 11 mm. dovetail mounts), this thing is a freaking laser beam! And not only can you shave the hairs off a flea’s rear at close ranges, but with good optics and a steady hand, reports are coming in that you can expect under 1″ groups consistently at 50 yards. This is something you’d be more likely to see in expensive and high-powered .177 caliber rifles; the fact that you can enjoy such tight groups with a much heavier .22 pellet is simply unheard of when it comes to air rifles that the average consumer can afford.

Further, unlike springers, there is no annoying recoil with the PCP power plant, just smooth power that releases in a controlled manner thanks to a well-balanced 3.75-pound trigger pull. Consequently, even relatively inexperience shooters can quickly become adept at nailing seemingly impossible targets. Needless to say, if you are looking for a hunting air rifle that gives you tremendous range, this is a no-brainer outstanding choice for newbies and veteran shooters alike that I would put up against anything on the market.

25-Shot Capacity

This is a single-shot, bolt action rifle that, when fully charged, can fire off up to 25 shots on a single fill before power begins to wane. This is yet another great convenience over spring-piston rifles, which can fire only a single shot with each cocking, and cannot be held it the cocked position for extended periods as this can cause the spring to set and lose power. The Benjamin Discovery, however, can be charged and left in this state for the entire day. This is great if you want to charge it for another shooter and leave it ready to fire when pests or game present themselves.

Light Weight

Yet another startling statistic is just how light this rifle is, notwithstanding it’s first-class power. Because there is no large spring-mass to weigh it down, the Benjamin Discovery is able to clock in at roughly 5 pounds in total weight (without a scope). This lightweight design is great for minimizing fatigue and keeping your sites on the target for as long as necessary until a clear shot becomes available. Again, it’s also another reason why this rifle is also great for younger, more slightly-built shooters.

Top-Notch Quality and Accessories

Let’s not forget that the Benjamin Discovery .22 is a beautiful air rifle. The rifle has a total length of 39 inches (24.25 inches of which is barrel) and is handsomely-clad in a luxurious walnut stock. The bolt action mechanism and full-body design, necessitated by the compressed air reservoir, also gives it a very rugged, no-nonsense look that we can appreciate. It is fitted with a high-quality pressure gauge and front/rear fiber optic sights. An adapter to use with CO2 cartridges is sold separately.

Benjamin Discovery .22 Hand PumpThe most important accessory that comes with certain packages is the hand pump. Although we often frown on these as they can be difficult to use, the model thrown in with the Disco is outstanding. Most people are surprised that they can fully charge the rifle in minutes. Some indicate that it took about 70 pumps to charge; some say more. Also, the pumping effort needed is minimal, allowing younger, weaker shooters to charge the rifle with relative ease. Consequently, unlike many other high-powered PCP rifles, you actually don’t need a scuba tank.

Any Downsides to the Discovery?

The user reviews of the Disco are predominantly 5-star, with most users praising the extreme power, ridiculous accuracy, high-quality, and shocking value delivered by this PCP air rifle. They also confirm that it is easy to charge with the included hand pump.

So what didn’t they like? As usual, a few took issue with the trigger pull, but the most consistent note is about the sound produced by this rifle. Make no mistake: this is a relatively loud air rifle. If that is going to be an issue, you should either consider something else or a silencer to bring the decibels down – especially if you were planning to use it near a quiet suburban area. Nevertheless, most people are able tolerate the noise and it did not significantly detract from the model’s satisfaction ratings.

Extraordinary Price and Value

Yes, this is going to be more than most decent entry level spring-piston air rifles. However, if you buy the Disco with the hand-pump included, it is a veritable steal in the PCP market. Indeed, as of the date of this writing, the Benjamin Discovery .22 rifle with the hand pump is under $400, making it just about the best-value single shot PCP air rifle you can get.

The Verdict

We have always loved the recoil-less power and accuracy of good PCP rifles, but are often hesitant to recommend them to most consumers due to price. – not only the price of the rifle itself, but the additional cost of a scuba tank, which is often the only feasible way to charge many PCP rifles.

The Benjamin Discovery has changed all of that. Not only can this rifle be charged with a hand pump, but the rifle/pump combination is remarkably affordable – and is in the same price range as many good quality springer rifles. However, unlike those springers, just about anyone can charge the Disco. Further, the smooth, recoil-less power, coupled with truly big-time power and a flatter pellet trajectory, makes the Disco a much easier rifle to shoot, and we are confident that even inexperienced users will be stunned at how tight their groups will remain out to 50 yards.

In a nutshell: whether you are into long-range plinking or dispatching annoying pests, like raccoons, rats or fowl; or are instead looking for the perfect hunting air rifle to take down rabbits, woodchuck, squirrels, and other weary quarry, the Benjamin Discovery will not disappoint.

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