Benjamin Titan Nitro Piston – A Good Deal!

If you are looking for a quiet, powerful and accurate gas/nitro-piston air rifle that is suitable for hunting, plinking and eliminating pests around the home, one model to strongly consider is the Benjamin Titan. This air rifle not only brings all of the benefits you’d expect from a “gas-ram,” but is currently available for roughly $150, making it one of the best buys in the nitro-piston category.

Of course, nothing is perfect, and the Titan is no exception. Please read along as we take a critical look at this model so you can decided for yourself whether it’s the right pellet rifle for you.

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What We Love About It

Hard-Hitting Power

Whether you are into small game hunting, or are more interested in getting rid of vermin/pests around your home or business, you’ll be happy to know that the Titan hits hard – very hard. Specifically, by using Crosman’s reported velocity of 800 fps with standard lead pellets, and assuming those lead pellets to weigh about 14.3 grains, our FPE calculator gives us an estimated 20 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle. This is the kind of power you’d expect from an elite spring-rifle (and some PCPs), and far exceeds the 12 FPE minimum we always preach about for humane hunting. As such, you should have no problem at all bagging everything from wood rats to woodchucks with this puppy!

Good Accuracy

Notwithstanding the issues surrounding the questionable scope included in this combo, the Benjamin Titan is a tack-driver at heart, and most users of this rifle confirm that it can achieve very tight groups that are likely to surprise you. In addition, the ample power produced by this rifle helps maintain a relatively flat trajectory for a .22 at longer ranges, compared to less capable gas rams. Consequently, with a bit of patience, practice and after this rifle’s short break in period, you should be nailing your targets consistently.

Remember, don’t complain that this rifle isn’t performing when using cheap ammo – as we always say, buying quality pellets is the very first step to ensuring repeatable accuracy!  FYI: this rifle seems to deliver great results with Crosman Domed Premier Ultra Magnum Pellets (14.3 grains).

A Very Quiet Air Rifle

More and more, we see people searching for a quiet air rifle – one that they can use closer to home or around more densely populated areas without drawing complaints. This is often a challenge for most springers, especially more affordably-priced, powerful models. And even nitro piston rifles that purport to be designed for quiet operation (e.g., the Gamo Whisper series) often turn out to be far from quiet in reality.

However, without any hype whatsoever, the Benjamin Titan manages to deliver smooth, very quiet shots that are surprisingly stealthy and with minimal recoil (another advantage of the gas-piston). Indeed, one user characterized the noise as being less noticeable than “breaking wind.” All kidding aside though, after the break in period (during which noise levels are elevated), this rifle settles down fantastically and is one of the quietest high-powered gas rams you can get, particularly for under $200!

Nice Fit  & Finish

For an approximately $150 air rifle, we have to admit that the fit and finish of the Benjamin Titan is remarkably good. The hardwood stock is solid, and the rest of the rifle is reassuringly sturdy. We also like the keyhole grip, but preferences vary. Moreover, at a modest weight of 6.75 pounds and total length of just under 44 inches, you can carry this one around and hold your sights without lots of fatigue. An all-around quality-feel and good looks throughout.

What We Don’t Love About The Titan

Honestly, it’s a bit hard to really complain about this rifle, considering what you get for your money. But one can find fault in just about anything. Here are the two most notable “issues” you are likely to encounter with the Titan.

A Cheapo Scope

We normally don’t expect much from scopes on affordable combos like this, and were not surprised with the lackluster performance of the 4×32 CenterPoint Scope included with the Titan. Don’t get me wrong, it’s better than nothing; and if you locktite the screws and are patient with it, you can do pretty well under 25 yards with not too much trouble. Nevertheless, to really take advantage of this rifle’s accuracy and downrange power, you will want to eventually consider an upgraded air rifle scope.

Awkward Trigger

The next most obvious issue with the Titan is the two-stage trigger. With a pull rated at 4.75 and lots of travel, you may struggle a bit to get a sense of exactly when this thing lets go. Yes, the trigger is adjustable, but there is only so much adjustment can do. One user reports being able to improve the pull by adding a couple of washers onto the trigger sear pin. However, most people looking to get the most out of this rifle may want an upgraded trigger at some point.

User Ratings & Reviews

Not surprisingly given the Titan’s long list of virtues and low price tag, many users have praised it. But what are people really saying about it?

In short, users glow about the Titan’s tremendous knock down power, good accuracy  out of the box, and remarkably quiet report for such a high-powered gas ram. They also appreciated the sturdy feel of the stock and overall quality of the fit and finish. However, the most often-cited benefit of the Titan was its value. Users consistently commented that this rifle felt and performed well above its price class.

As far as the relatively few negative reviews, these were limited primarily to the somewhat shoddy quality of the scope and fittings, which made it difficult for some users to sight in the rifle, as well as the excessive play in the trigger.  Some other reviewers indicated that the wood finish looked a little flat compared to product images.

Concluding Thoughts on the Titan Nitro Piston

While there may be no true “free lunch” when it comes to air rifles, the Benjamin Titan Nitro Piston gas ram comes pretty darn close. This rifle has excellent stopping power, is very accurate (especially with an upgraded scope), fires very quietly after breaking in, and looks and feels like a rifle that costs twice as much.

Buy the Benjamin Titan Nitro Piston Air Rifle!Given its power and stealthy nature, this is an ideal hunting air rifle, and is also perfect for dispatching pests around the home without getting the attention of curious neighbors. And finally, you reap the general benefits of nitro-piston technology – such as the dramatically reduced recoil, lower cocking effort, superior low-temperature performance, and the elimination of spring fatigue due to leaving the rifle in the cocked position.

What else can you ask for in an air rifle selling for about $150!?

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  1. Scott DeMent says:

    I have 3 of these. They are great guns. Scope is crap and I wish they came with iron sights tho.

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