Best CO2 Air Rifle for Hunting – Hammerli 850 AirMagnum?

We often hear people asking for suggestions about quality, high-powered CO2 air rifles. But the truth is that most CO2 models on the market are underwhelming in terms of construction and the power they generate. As such, we normally recommend folks stick to other power plants, especially if they are intending to also use the air rifle for hunting and/or pest elimination.

As most things in life though, there are several notable exceptions – one the most obvious of which is the Umarex/RWS / Hammerli 850 AirMagnum air rifle. This high-quality CO2 repeater is definitely one of the nicest and is reportedly the most powerful CO2 air rifles produced in the world. Seem a bit incredible? Let’s take a closer look at the 850 AirMagnum and see whether these accolades are deserved.

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Hammerli 850 AirMagnum – Key Features & Specifications

Game-Changing Power for a CO2 Air Rifle

The most amazing feature of the Hammerli 850 AirMagnum is its incredible power for a CO2 repeater. While we can’t confirm RWS’ contention that this is the absolute most powerful CO2 air rifle in the entire world, we can say that this rifle produces muzzle velocities and FPE on par with or exceeding many spring rifles. And this is saying a lot.

Specifically, Hammerli reports that the 850 AirMagnum produces muzzle velocities of 650 FPS in the .22 caliber and 760 FPS in the .177 caliber models. Since RWS typically uses lead pellets for their velocity testing, we assumed these numbers were generated from standard lead pellets weighing around 14.3 and 8.0 grains, respectively. This gives us an estimated foot-pounds of energy (“FPE”) at the muzzle of over 13 FPE in the .22 caliber and just over 10 FPE in the .177. This is a ton of power for a CO2 air rifle, and we are particularly impressed with this model in the .22 caliber – especially since it produces more hitting power than the 12 FPE minimum we generally recommend for good hunting air rifles! Please note that this rifle uses AirSource 88-Gram CO2 Tanks.

Outstanding Accuracy & Convenient Repeat Shooting

Any air rifle manufactured by RWS is going to be deadly accurate, and the Hammerli 850 is no exception. The ultra-high quality fiber optic front/rear open sights that come with this air rifle are so good you may postpone upgrading to a quality air rifle scope, maybe indefinitely. Moreover, the precise rifling of the barrel (something RWS is famous for) will have you shooting unbelievably tight groups at 50 yards with this model. This rifle is an 8-shot repeater; however, you can fire hundreds of shots on a single 88 gram CO2 tank. How can you not love that!?

Ultra-Responsive Trigger

Contributing to the fantastic accuracy of this air rifle is the fact that it is naturally recoil-less and comes with a very smooth trigger mechanism. This is the type of trigger we’d like to see on many more rifles, and greatly compliments the laser-beam accuracy of this model. No hitchy, heavy pull here!

High Quality Polymer Stock & RWS Quality All Around

While many prefer the look and feel of wood stocks, we are confident that you will be impressed by the construction and handling of its all-weather Monte Carlo stock. This advanced polymer is super solid and resists the kind of wear that could quickly mar a hardwood stock. As such, you can enjoy using this rifle in a variety of environments and without babying it – and it should still look like a million bucks. Consequently, for those that are looking to put some serious mileage on this rifle, the polymer stock is a big benefit in our view.

Again, consistent with RWS’ rifles generally, the overall build and feel of this air rifle, including the crisp bolt-action mechanism and factory bluing, is all top-notch. No cheap parts here!

Recommended Uses

The accuracy and power of the Hammerli 850 AirMagnum make it excellent for all typical uses, e.g., plinking, target shooting, spinning, etc. And in addition, the over 13 FPE in the .22 caliber also make the 850 AirMagnum a great hunting and/or pest elimination air rifle. In fact, for typical close range hunting and clearing out of vermin within 50 yards or so, we can hardly think of a more effective and FUN air rifle to use. Further, because there’s no need to cock the rifle or mess with scuba tanks or hand pumps, this is a perfect rifle for more slightly-built / female shooters to use around the home as well. We can’t tell you how many people want a pest rifle that their wives can also use – this is a perfect choice.

User Reviews & Ratings

The Hammerli 850 AirMagnum has earned a near-legendary reputation among veteran air rifle enthusiasts for quality and performance, so we were not surprised to find that it currently enjoys an solid satisfaction rating.

Users glow about the power, accuracy and all-around quality of this rifle. And many users report great success hunting small game and pests – for example, one user commented: “The European sparrows are being annihilated. I can retire my collection of pump up and barrel cock airguns.”  Among all of the reviews there was only one negative comment, and this was due to an apparently isolated jamming issue.

Price and Value

Currently selling for roughly $280 shipped, this is an amazing deal for such an unusually powerful and well-made CO2 repeater. Indeed, there are many more expensive springers on the market that don’t bring this level of quality. If you are into CO2 air rifles, this one is easily worth the price.

Buy the Hammerli 850 AirMagnum Air Rifle!Hammerli 850 AirMagnum – Concluding Thoughts

If you’ve ever admired the convenience and smooth, recoil-less firing of CO2 air rifles but have been hesitant due to their typically limited power and often shoddy quality, the Hammerli 850 AirMagnum is the answer.

This rifle is made to exacting German design standards and delivers the kind of power we’d expect in a good spring rifle. In particular, the .22 caliber has plenty of power for real small game hunting, and would make an absolutely sizzling air rifle for clearing out heavy infestations of pest species. Moreover, with its repeat shooting and ability to fire well over a hundred shots without power-waning on a single cartridge, we can’t think of a more enjoyable and easy-to-use rifle for the job.

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