Top Hunting Air Pistol – AirForce TalonP?

AirForce TalonP PCP Air Pistol ReviewAirForce produces some of the finest quality air rifles ever made, which is why we were so excited when the AirForce TalonP PCP Air Pistol was introduced. In many ways, this pistol is not really a pistol at all, but rather a shortened version of AirForce’s rifles that delivers the same accuracy and precision, but with big-game knock down power and a .25 caliber bore to match.

Indeed, the truly fantastic power of this air pistol really puts the TalonP on another level compared to other popular hunting pistols, but that’s not all this model delivers.

If you are – or aspire to be – a serious air pistol hunter, this may be your dream gun! For more information and our candid thoughts and impressions on the TalopnP, please keep reading.

TalonP Features & Key Specifications

Extreme Power – up to 50 FPE at The Muzzle!!

The AirForce TalonP can be charged up to 3000 PSI and send a .25 caliber pellet up to 900 feet per second, for a maximum power generation of up to 50 FPE at the muzzle. This is simply ridiculous power for any PCP rifle, much less an air pistol. For example, this is even slightly more power than that produced by the Benjamin Marauder .25 caliber rifle, which maxes out at around 45 FPE. Consequently, as with the Marauder, you can hunt traditional air rifle small game…but have the option to go for even larger quarry, such as fox, coyote and even boar! Simply put, if you are fixated on maximizing power in your air pistol, the TalonP is just about the most powerful option you can get.

Power can also be adjusted, thanks to a power-wheel feature that allows you to ration your charge when barn-door-breaking power is not needed. In reality though, even when on the lowest setting, this pistol still absolutely screams!

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Uncompromising Accuracy

To match the insane power of this pistol, AirForce has equipped it with the very same 12-inch Lothar Walther barrel used on their full-sized rifles. In case you haven’t heard – Lothar Walther barrels are considered second to none in terms of precision and quality, and are typically hailed as some of the most accurate barrels ever made by veteran air gunners. Thus, you should expect extremely tight groups with the TalonP, even at fairly long distances after you’ve got a bit of practice with this model under your belt. Therefore, if your shots are wandering, we suggest checking your scope, pellet selection and eyesight!

Convenient “Spin-Loc” Tank

If you like PCP pistols but aren’t keen on having to remove the reservoir when charging, you will appreciate the easily removable spin-loc tank that can be pre-charged up to 3000 PSI. This of course allows you to carry additional tanks for longer outings and thereby obviate the need to drag along your bulky SCUBA tanks.

Excellent Trigger

The 2-stage sporting trigger is crisp and light, and we expect most users will be pleasantly surprised at how good it feels despite being non-adjustable.

Accepts Alternative Fuel

In addition to compressed air, you can also use dry nitrogen or even CO2 with the TalonP. Indeed, with CO2, this is a very impressive and fun target/plinking pistol that can keep you entertained between hunting outings.

Limitless Possibilities With The AirForce Modular Design

One very important benefit of the TalonP is that, like AirForce’s rifles, it is essentially made from the same platform and can be turned into a rifle if you ultimately wanted to do so. For example, you could easily swap out the .25 barrel and turn this into a screaming .20 or .22 caliber pistol or rifle instead. As a result, you are not just buying a pistol, but the foundation for one of many potential air rifle/pistol configurations that you can customize depending on your evolving needs.

Anything Not to Like?

Perhaps the only thing that may surprise a new user is noise – this is a loud air pistol. With no built-in baffles/shroud, you are going to get an earful when firing this pistol. Of course, given the aim for a compact design and the massive show-stopping power, we are not surprised. If you want a more quiet PCP pistol, check out the Ben Marauder.

Price and Value

This level of power and precision does not come cheap, but we have to say that the current sales price of the TalonP, currently hovering around $430 shipped, is very good. In fact, when you consider that you could enjoy this pistol for a lifetime with basic maintenance, it is well worth the price. Moreover, there is really nothing else that comes close to matching its power and accuracy for any less!

The AirForce TalonP with a good scope is the ultimate hunting air pistol!Concluding Thoughts & Recommendations

If you are into PCP rifles but want a more portable weapon that is every bit as powerful, the AirForce TalonP really does give you the best of both worlds. Moreover, with its full-length barrel, you can use a full-sized air rifle scope rather than be limited to compact types.

However, what may not be as evident as its transformative power and rifle-like accuracy it delivers. AirForce does not try to model their air guns after traditional styles – you’re not going to find any fancy wood stocks or other nostalgic touches here – everything on this weapon is there to maximize performance, efficiency and durability. Simply put, if you are looking for an airgun capable of small to medium-sized game hunting, this is your pistol!

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