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If you’re shopping for quality pellets, we made comparing them easy with the following comparison data matrix. Just click on the column headings to re-order information in either ascending or descending order!

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Umarex Superdome Field Line Pellets, .177 (Per 500)domed0.1778.3general purpose500
Crosman LPH .22 Caliber Hollow Point Pellets, 500-Packhollow pt.0.22014.3hunting, pest elimination500
Crosman Hollow Point Pellets, 0.177-Calibrehollow pt.0.1777.9hunting, pest elimination500
Crosman .177 Cal, 7.4 Grains, Pointed, 250ctpointed0.1777.4hunting, general purpose250
Gamo Pro Magnum .177 Cal, 7.8 Grains, Pointed, 750ctpointed0.1777.8hunting, general purpose750
Crosman Premier Domed .177 Caliber 10.5 Grain Pellet (1250 in a Box)domed0.17710.5hunting, general purpose1250
Gamo PBA Armor .177 Cal, 6.8 Grains, Domed, 80ctdomed0.1776.8hunting, pest elimination80
Crosman Field Hunting .22 Cal, 14.3 Grains, Pointed, 175ctpointed0.22014.3hunting, pest elimination175
Polymag Predator Air Gun Pelletspointed0.20013.0hunting, pest elimination150
Beeman Silver Arrow .20 Cal, 15.50 Grains, Pointed, 200ctpointed0.20015.5hunting, pest elimination200
Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum .177 Cal, 10.5 Grains, Round Nose, 500ctdomed0.17710.5hunting, pest elimination, general purpose500
Beeman Kodiak Extra Heavy .177 Cal, 10.6 Grains, Pointed, 300ctdomed0.17710.6hunting, pest elimination, general purpose300
Beeman Kodiak Extra Heavy .22 Cal, 21.14 Grains, Round Nose, 200ctdomed0.22021.1hunting, pest elimination, general purpose200
Crosman Field Hunting .177 Cal, 7.4 Grains, Pointed, 1250ctpointed0.1777.4hunting, pest elmination1250
Crosman Destroyer .177 Cal, 7.9 Grains, Pointed, 250ctpointed0.1777.9hunting, pest elmination250
Gamo Tomahawk .177 Cal, 7.8 Grains, Pointed, 750ctpointed0.1777.8hunting, pest elmination750
Crosman Destroyer .177 Cal, 7.9 Grains, Pointed, DS177, 500 countpointed0.1777.9hunting, pest elmination500
Gamo 632274054 Lethal Pellets .177domed0.1775.6hunting, pest elmination100
JSB Diabolo Jumbo Exact Monster .22 Caliberdomed0.22025.4hunting, pest elmination200
Gamo Spire Point Double Ring .22 Caliber Magnum Pellets (Tin of 250)pointed0.22015.4hunting, pest elmination250
Umarex Superpoint Extra Field, .22 (Per 250)pointed0.22014.5hunting, pest elmination250
Crosman Destroyer .177 Cal, 7.9 Grains, Pointed, 250ctdomed0.1779.6hunting, pest elmination, general purpose150
GAMO Blue Flame .177 Caliber Pellets (100 Count Blister Pack)pointed0.1775.4hunting, pest elmination, general purpose100
GAMO Red Fire .177 Caliber Pellets (Tin of 150)pointed0.1777.8hunting, pest elmination, general purpose150
Crosman Domed Premier Pellets, 0.22-Calibredomed0.22014.3hunting, pest elmination, general purpose500
Umarex Superdome Field Line Pellets, .22 (Per 250)domed0.22014.5hunting, pest elmination, general purpose250
JSB Diabolo EXACT .22 Caliber Air Gun Pellets 250 ct.domed0.22015.9hunting, pest elmination, general purpose250
Benjamin Cylindrical .20 Cal, 14.3 Grains, Pointed, 500ctdomed0.20014.3hunting, pest elmination, general purpose500
Benjamin Cylindrical .20 Cal, 14.3 Grains, Pointed, 500cthollow pt.0.2009.9huting, pest elimination200
JSB Diabolo Exact King .25 Caliber Air Gun Pellets 150 ct.domed0.25025.4huting, pest elimination, general purpose150
Benjamin .25 Cal, 27.8 Grains, Domed, 200ctdomed0.25027.8huting, pest elimination, general purpose200
JSB Match Diabolo Exact King .25 Cal, 25.4 Grains, Domed, 350ctdomed0.25025.4huting, pest elimination, general purpose350
H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme Pellets, .25 Cal, 28.4 Grains, Hollowpoint, 200ctdomed0.25028.4huting, pest elimination, general purpose200
Gamo Raptor PBA .177 Cal, 5.4 Grains, Round Nose, 100ctdomed0.1775.4pest elmination, general purpose100
Crosman .177 Cal, 7.4 Grains, Wadcutter, 1250ctwadcutter0.1777.4target shooting, pest elmination1250
Umarex Meisterkugeln Pelletswadcutter0.22014.0target shooting, pest elmination250
Umarex Meisterkugeln Pellets, .177, Competition(Per 500)wadcutter0.1778.2target shooting, pest elmination500

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