Why We Love the RWS .22 350 Magnum Air Rifle

If you are looking for an elite spring-piston air rifle that you can use to hunt small game, eliminate pests, shoot field targets, or simply plink around, we suggest you strongly consider the RWS .22 Model 350 Magnum air rifle combo. As we discuss in more detail below, this is one of our favorite springers for all-around power, performance and beauty, and is a rifle that you can enjoy for a lifetime with proper care. Please read on as we take a closer look at the RWS 350 Magnum and explain why we rate it so highly.

RWS .22 350 Magnum – Overview & Key Features

Fantastic Long-Range Hitting Power

The first thing you should know about the RWS .22 350 Magnum is it has outstanding stopping power for a spring-piston air rifle. Specifically, it’s reported to attain velocities of around 850 feet per second with a standard, 14.5 grain lead pellet. This translates into an air rifle with over 23 FPE (foot pounds of energy) at the muzzle. This is roughly double the 12 FPE minimum that we generally recommend for air rifle hunting. Consequently, unlike many other springers on the market, the 350 Magnum is capable of long-range kills with the same stopping power as many higher-ticket PCP rifles. Simply put, if hard-hitting, downrange power is what you seek in a springer, the 350 is definitely your rifle.

Legendary RWS Accuracy

There’s no question that springers can take some getting used to. Their greater noise, recoil and all-around heft is something that users new to spring rifles may find challenging at first. However, with a bit of practice using the “artillery” hold (a method in which the gun is very lightly held), the 350 Magnum is ridiculously accurate. Indeed, the high-quality of the barrel, along with the massive power it generates, can have you easily nailing game or targets well-beyond 50 yards consistently.

Outstanding Trigger

Many would consider the 350 Magnum to have an ideal two-stage adjustable trigger. With a pull of 3.3 pounds, we’d have to agree. This of course also contributes to this rifle’s dead-eye accuracy.

Scope & Mounts

This rifle comes with an 11mm dovetail-type mount, and the combo package referenced comes with a 4×32 scope that is not top-of-the-line, but should meet or exceed the expectations of most users. Again, this is an extremely accurate rifle right out of the box, so any wandering of your groups is most likely a consequence of inexperience on the part of the user!

Cocking Type & Effort

The 350 Magnum is a breakbarrel rifle that requires approximately 45 pounds’ worth of cocking effort. This is substantially more cocking effort than your average springer; but this is unavoidable given the massive power the Magnum brings. Cocking is toughest during initial break in, and typically gets smoother in time. Nevertheless, this is not the type of rifle for young or most female users.

Size & Weight

In addition to being a bear to cock, this is a heavier, longer air rifle than many are used to. It measures 48 inches in length overall and is just over 8 pounds, without the scope. This is yet another reason that younger and/or female shooters may have a bit more difficulty firing this rifle.

Additional Specifications

The 350 Magnum comes with a beautiful hardwood beech stock that is adorned with detailed checkering along the fore region. It uses a Monte Carlo-styled buttstock. The blueing is deep and gives the metal a very attractive luster. Elevation and windage is adjustable.

User Feedback & Ratings

Positive Comments: The consensus from users from a variety of sources is that this is a 5-star air rifle that reeks of high-quality German manufacturing and precision. The most common observations throughout this model’s reviews are that this is an extremely powerful springer capable of remarkably accurate downrange shooting, right out of the box and without any tuning. They also roundly praise this rifle for simply being a cut above most other spring rifles with unusual attention to detail and a very robust construction that you can feel immediately.

Negative Comments: There were scant reports of anything to complain about with the RWS 350 Magnum, and most could not find any fault with it. Nevertheless, some users indicated more neutrally that the rifle is a bit hard to cock; is larger than they’d expected; and the scope mounting screws required tightening during the initial break in period.

Price and Value

Currently on sale for just over $400 shipped, the RWS .22 Model 350 Magnum air rifle combo is a fantastic deal in our book. Yes, this rifle is considerably more expensive than many other popular springers; however, it is built to much more exacting standards than most other springers, and is made of better quality components all-around. From the rich and intricate wood stock, to the precisely rifled barrel and deep blueing, the Magnum is truly a first-rate air rifle built to be admired and enjoyed for a lifetime with proper maintenance. As such, we think its unusual quality easily justifies the higher price.

Concluding Thoughts

The RWS Diana 350 Magnum .22 air rifle is – pardon the sexism – a man’s hunting air rifle. This model can stop larger game well over 50 yards and has the downrange power and extreme accuracy to make even novice shooters look like pros with a bit of practice. Moreover, the all-around robustness and solid feel of this elite hunting air rifle is something that we can’t put into words, but, when you hold it for the first time, will become immediately evident. In fact, we are confident that it will be your favorite springer to shoot, even if you have a large air rifle collection. It’s no secret that we are huge fans of RWS/Diana air rifles for their uncompromising dedication to quality, and the 350 Magnum is exactly why.

The only words of caution we’d offer are for younger and/or female shooters. As we said, this is a big, relatively heavy gun with lots of power and a fair amount of kick to go with it. Therefore, if you fatigue easily when maintaining a hold, or have struggled cocking lesser springers in the past, the 350 Magnum may be a bit too much for you.

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  1. Shakeel says:

    Wish it to be available in india

  2. Robert says:

    Just purchased a 350 mag panther professional. After a 100 rounds with no consistent grouping i noticed the breach is machined at an angle wich leaves the bottom of the pellet exposed damage results when closed. Anyone come across this. Is this breach angle new or has it always been. Can’t see having to push the pellet in for clearance every shot!

  3. Joe R Ramirez says:

    Geez, Robert the rws Diana 350magnum are all like that you have to seat the pellet in just like any break barrel air rifle. Read up on them and maybe get a pcp it will be easier to shoot for you as for me and many others we love our RWS Diana 350magnum..

  4. Thats impossible mine and every 350 mag if lol i tried to miss the bulseys or grouping it is so spot on its almost unbelievable trying to miss it spot on cant be done you will hit your mark every singel time if you aim it at what you want to hit you can never miss UNLESS BARREL IS BENT OR IF YOU HAVE A SCOPE YOUR SCOPE IS OFF I PROMISE YOU PAY GOOD MONEY FOR A GOOD SCOPE AND YOU CANT EVER MISS or if useing iron sights make sure you did not bump and damage them they are also so dead on it almost to good to be true. Yors truly KEITH B

  5. GUY online says:

    After almost a decade – can’t get any more accurate than my Diana 350mag in 22. This is the most fun racoon capping, golf-ball launching, hi quality man toy you can buy without gun powder. Only bested in power by my Hatson 135 .25

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