Air Arms TX200 MkIII – Top Hunting Rifle?

Air Arms TX200 MkIII reviewFortunately for those on a budget, there are many relatively inexpensive air rifles that deliver lots of power and accuracy. However, for those seeking top-quality in a spring-piston air rifle, the field narrows considerably. Along with the RWS 54 Air King, One model that often comes up as being one of the very best springers for air rifle hunting is the Air Arms TX200 MkIII in the .22 caliber. But are these claims of superiority exaggerated? Please read on as we take a closer look at the TX200 MkIII and help you decide for yourself whether it’s really worth the fairly stiff asking price.

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Air Arms TX200 MkIII (.22 cal.) – Key Specifications

Power & Power Plant

This is a spring-piston rifle that uses an underlever cocking design. Rated to send a .22 caliber pellet up to 755 feet per second, we calculate (based on a 14.2 grain pellet) that the TX200 MkIII generates approximately 18 foot-pounds of energy (“FPE”) at the muzzle, which makes this a high-powered air rifle that easily clears the minimum 12 FPE minimum we like to see for hunting air rifles. Notwithstanding all of this power, the rifle cocks with only moderate cocking effort (29 pounds), making it suitable for most adults users.

Dimensions & Weight

The TX200 MkIII  has a 9-inch long barrel and an overall length of just over 41 inches. It weights 9.3 pounds.

Scope Mounts

This rifle should accept any air rifle scope compatible with an 11mm dovetail rail. Please note that a scope is necessary since this rifle does not come with open sites.


The TX200 MkIII is fitted with a very high-quality rifled Lothar Walther barrel.


The two-stage adjustable trigger that comes with rifle is well-balanced and has earned high marks from users.

Air Arms TX200 MkIII - one of the most accurate and beautiful springers!Finish

Stocks are available in walnut and beech. The blueing on this model is particularly rich. All together, this is one the most attractive air rifles available in our book.

Performance – Accuracy in the Field

The Air Arms TX200 MkIII is arguably one of the most accurate spring-piston air rifles you can buy, which is why it is so respected as a hunting and field target air rifle. Moreover, it can deliver tournament quality shooting right out of the box, even without the benefit of professional tuning. Indeed, the laser-like shooting you can achieve with the MkIII cannot be overstated. As long as you sight in your scope correctly and keep a steady hand, you should enjoy extremely tight groups.

Anything Not to Like?

There is really not much to dislike about this air rifle given it’s all-around exceptional quality and construction. However, if we were forced to find some fault, we would have to point to the sliding breech – the opening could be a bit larger. Pretty petty, huh?

User Reviews and Ratings

We are not going out on a limb when we say that the Air Arms TX200 MkIII is one of the most loved springers. Consistently earning 5-star ratings, users confirm that the accuracy, overall build quality and finish on this rifle are second to none.  At true must-have springer for the air rifle collector.

Price and Value

Typically available for around $700, this is not an inexpensive springer by any means. However, for the quality and performance it delivers, we think that the TX200 MkIII is very fairly-priced, and is on par with other top-tier hunting air rifles, like comparable RWS models.

Air Arms TX200 MkIII - one of the best hunting air rifles available.TX200 MkIII – Concluding Thoughts

Whether you are an avid small game hunter or seek tournament quality field shooting, we agree that the Air Arms TX200 MkIII air rifle is definitely one of the best quality options currently available.

Like some of the elite RWS models (such as the RWS 54), the TX200 MkIII simply exudes quality. From its well-balanced trigger and fluid undelever cocking design, to its high-quality stock/bluing and overall sultry good-looks, we are confident that you will not be disappointed with this rifle. But more than this, it’s the TX200 MkIII’s legendary accuracy that makes this model stand out, and even inexperienced shooters can achieve astonishingly tight groupings with any capable air rifle scope. This laser-like accuracy, coupled a very impressive 18 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle, makes for an outstanding hunting or field target rifle that definitely earns the title as one of the very best springers on the market.

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  1. Manuel says:

    I own this beauty in .22

    Best air rifle in my life. I can take down pigeons from 50 yards away and I can make 1 dime size groups from 40 yards.

    Is the best of the best.

    Expensive? Yes, but worth it!!

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